Pedal & Pump

BOOTcamp is all about strength training! We incorporate full body workouts using dumbbells, kettle-bells, barbells, and much more. You are coached by an instructor who guides you through the workout as well as modifies for you based off of your fitness needs.

Pedal & Pump is a high intense workout that is the perfect combination of cycling & boot-camp. Not only will it push you out of your comfort zone, it will also help you get the results you’re looking for! When class is over, you will leave feeling stronger than you did when you walked in and you will have burned between 400-800 calories in that one hour alone!


Cycle is a melody of endurance, resistance, and speed training. The instructor is on the bike coaching you through the workout with the lights on low and the music on high! Any level of fitness can take this class. You can go at your own pace while increasing your heart health, building lean muscle definition, and burning tons of calories!

High Intensity Interval Training

HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING is a class that incorporates short bursts of intense exercising with low burst of recovery time. Not only will your metabolic rate be higher for hours after the workout is over, but it help with fat burn, lean muscle building, and reduce your heart rate as well as blood pressure. High intensity interval training will challenge you in a way that will make you come back for more!